Sewa Kalakruti is marketing outlet for artisans cooperative members of Sewa Cooperative Federation.

Gujarat State Women's Sewa Cooperative Federation (Sewa Cooperative Federation), an initiative of the Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA), was established in 1992 to facilitate the economic empowerment of self-employed women workers within the cooperative framework; where the women workers are themselves the owners, managers and users of the cooperative.

For Sewa Cooperative Federation, the goal was to let the women workers obtain collective strength and ownership of their trades or principal activity, and get directly linked with consumers, without interference of exploitative middle agencies. Since its inception, Sewa Cooperative Federation has been responsible for sowing the seeds of growth, catalyzing the formation of 106 women's cooperatives and providing livelihood to 90,000 women workers. Under its guidance, many cooperatives have been conceptualized, nurtured, expanded and grown to become sustainable businesses.