Women are the future of any growing nation.

With this as our core philosophy, we at Sewa Kalakruti have established ourselves as a non-profit entity that serves as a direct marketing link between clients and artisans, especially women from rural and backward areas. Our marketing outlets showcase a wide range of beautiful handcrafted stationery items, apparels, home decor furnishings, personal accessories, bed linens, artifacts and much more.

To give enterprising women exposure to urban markets, we facilitate linkages with other design institutes and corporate entities. This fosters a spirit of growth and encourages product development, market diversification, but above all gives better visibility of these ancient skills to modern society. We also promote skill development and programs that familiarize women with new and improved methods developing their craft as well as trade.

Recognizing talent and rewarding artisans with a fair price for their skills – These are the two parameters of all our operations. They reflect in the fact that at least 65% revenue from our sales goes directly to the artisans with the view to help them leverage their standard of living.


It is our vision to continue facilitating the development of women artisans from rural and backward areas through marketing outlets, strategies and programs that will showcase their talent for creating vibrant arts and craft to the world.


It is our mission:

  • To promote the arts and crafts of women from rural and backward areas
  • To continually increase marketing channels and outlets for better sales
  • To give back the profits and proceeds to the women and thereby help leverage their lifestyle
  • To arrange for programs and provide linkages to various platforms for collaborative growth