President's Note


Lalita Krishnaswami, President

I welcome you to Sewa Kalakruti, a non-profit initiative promoted by Gujarat State Women's Sewa Co-operative Foundation, with one vision. To promote the crafts and skills of women from rural and backward areas, by ensuring their economic empowerment and make their contribution visible.

For long, we have seen the poor, home-based women artisans as exploited and underpaid workers who earn a meager amount for their skills due to the presence of middlemen who take away most of their profits. Their products on the contrary are sold at a very high price in the markets, while the creators-the women- starve. Due to this, women were found to be losing hold on their traditional craft because they were forced to venture for better prospects.

We took it upon us to revive their craft and uplift their condition. The objective was to make all possible resource available to these women and help them market their products directly to their customers. Design Sewa, a design house established by the Federation, acted as an incubator to support the artisans in design development, product diversification and educate them on new product-based skills. Sewa Kalakruti on the other hand has become a catalyst to the artisans' strides in the market. We provide them with numerous channels by way of marketing outlets, exhibitions and collaborative shows where an array of products made by women artisans are displayed. We also ensure that the profits from all sales proceeds are given back to the women so they can build a better life for themselves and their families.

Over the years, Kalakruti has helped numerous women prosper and has inspired many more to follow their sisters' footsteps. I am sure that in the years to come, we will be stronger with our team and see an aspiring artist in every home.


Lalita Krishnaswami